Welcome to Tantric Tourists, the award-winning Indian road-movie/documentary.

The new faster-paced version of the film (Redux) narrated by Brit legend Steven Berkoff is now released on Amazon in the UK and US.  

About the film

This light-hearted documentary follows a group of US tourists in search of enlightenment amongst the majestic beauty of India.  Don’t expect much tantric sex but do expect a hilarious, heartfelt, spiritual documentary comedy of errors, led by inimitable tantric-guru Laurie Handlers, straight out of New York City.

Like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Eat Pray Love crossed with the Marx Brothers.

“A funny, colourful, irreverent film…
What The Darjeeling Limited should have been if Wes Anderson hadn’t disappeared up his own arse” 

Jason Solomons, BBC Film Critic